If I could go back and do it all again, I would've focused my college career in interior decorating. While I love science, I feel happiest rummaging through warehouses of old furniture, farm equipment, and paint cans. I'm not satisfied until the bowls of seashells are arranged just right, the paintbrushes are perfectly aligned, and until I've selected exactly the right amount of old family photos to hang next to the badger pelt Brett adores. There must always be homemade desserts on the cake stand and flowers in the milk pitcher or the whole "look" is off.  I love to create, I love to nest, and I love to bring other's visions to life. But most of all, I love creating a sanctuary.



There's a belief that the empty space on a wall is itself part of a room's decor. That is, blank space is as important as filled space. I follow this approach not only in design, but also in life.


The first thing I wanted to be as a little girl was a farmer. Over time, I've found this dream manifest itself in the form of homesteading. I've taught myself how to grow crops, raise rabbits, and bake breads. I'd like to bridge the gap in our societies understanding of farming. I'd love to own my own 2 acre farm someday to host educational classes about growing veggies, harvesting and cooking produce, raising and butchering livestock, and other basic homesteading skills. I want these classes to be available to the community as a means of education about food, and hopefully inspire a deeper understanding of their consumer choices. 


Being born in the Florida Keys has its perks. Warm weather, never locking the front door, kayaking during marine biology class. However, a small town is suffocating for a teenage girl. So, at 17, I left for Colorado State University alone. Things were okay until winter hit and I experienced snow for the first flipflops didn't last too long. I suddenly realized how lonely I really was when everyone else drove home for warm weekends with their families while I stared at postcards of Florida beaches, dreading another instant noodle dinner in the dorms. I gained nearly 30 pounds as I slipped into depression, unable to find strength beneath grey skies.

Freshman year passed with the winter, and soon I was able to return for another semester somehow older and wiser. I began my weight loss regime, and was able to lose all 30 pounds over the course of a year. However, I always viewed the physical transformation as a side effect to the real change going on in my heart. The gym gave me a place to express my frustration, to challenge myself, and to be the best me when no one was watching. I found self-worth there, which grew into confidence so great that I lived alone for 3 years straight. I realized that self-love was the answer, which has opened my heart to the many passions I have today. Everyone has to start somewhere, and I respect anyone willing to better themselves no matter how high the mountain in front of them. 


The feeling of wrenching off a heavy backpack after hiking for miles, peeling off your forsaken boots, digging into the bottom of the pack, finding a lukewarm beer, and breathing in the fresh air knowing your have no cellphone service.


I'm finding myself in the details. That it doesn't matter if I remember picking up each individual shell, pebble, or flower; it only matters that I can look at a bowl full of times I was happy. That it isn't about having all the answers, but about learning as much as you can without tallying the mistakes. There are many roads ahead of me, each as different as they are similar. I'm so excited to have found you, and cannot wait to dive head first into the opportunities you have available. I'm ready to begin my career, and I can't wait to follow this passion with you.