Is there a job title for farmer/interior decorator/environmental steward? I love to do all of these things because each one makes me feel fulfilled in a different way. I'm looking for the right opportunity to pull one of these options to the top, allowing the others to find secondary roles as hobbies or side jobs. 

I'm looking for a career with heart. I like working on several projects at once while keeping a long-term goal in mind. I enjoy having room for creativity, but function best with an organized task list. I work very well with my hands, and am flexible when projects begin to take on a different form than what was originally planned. I like seeing end products, especially when they bring a smile to someone else's face. I love variety, and being able to physically move around during the day. I'm extremely visual, and have a bit of a perfectionists flair. Finally, I want to feel fulfilled at the end of my work day, knowing that I'm working towards goals that I personally share with the company or individual I work for. 


I want to learn, always. I want to challenge myself, and do a little something daring everyday. I want to put an end to the needless vendetta against Millennials, and prove that my generation has an eco-conscious, that we love one another, and that we have beautiful influences. I want to reconnect others to their food, possibly by hosting farm-to-table cooking, animal husbandry, and art classes on my own farm someday. I want to inspire others to care for the earth by leading a lifestyle that's sensitive to our ecosystems' needs. I want to gently urge others love themselves, and find ways to help them be comfortable in their own skin. I want to create beautiful spaces, to help others be at their most genuine. I want to celebrate what it is to be alive, and find value in all expressions of love, art, and work. And finally, I'd like to reconnect with a "slow life"; to be happy with a simple lifestyle rather than strive for innovation for innovation's sake.